Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, Philosophy (ACU)

XBA Advanced Hons (University of Sydney),
MA (Research) in Philosophy (University of Sydney),
PhD in Philosophy (ACU)


Xavier is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ACU’s Plunkett Centre for Ethics. Xavier’s research interests include ethical issues at the beginning and end of life, conscientious objection, ethical issues in aged care, and pandemic ethics. His recently completed PhD thesis focused on the allocation of lifesaving healthcare resources. Xavier has taught bioethics for several years, and has worked with the Catholic healthcare sector on several projects related to ethics education. In 2020, Xavier was awarded a Fulbright Future Postdoctoral Scholarship, and he will be a scholar in residence at Georgetown University's Kennedy Institute of Ethics from January to July 2021.



University of Oxford
Master of Studies, Practical Ethics

2018 - 2020
A highly interdisciplinary course in character but the primary focus is ethical and philosophical: students will learn how to apply rigorous philosophical analysis to real-life ethical problems and will be provided with a grounding in key ethical concepts and methods, as well as in major debates in practical ethics. Students will also have the opportunity for in-depth research on a topic of their choice.


Australian Catholic University
Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, Philosophy

2016 – 2020
Thesis title: Health Care Ethics, Distributive Justice, and Meeting Health Needs Fairly
Supervisors: Dr Steve Matthews, Dr Stewart Braun.
The thesis addresses the question, “How can we allocate health resources fairly under conditions of scarcity?” by approaching it from the perspective of political philosophy and ethics, though I draw heavily upon scholarship from the health sciences, psychology, sociology and economics.


University of Sydney
Master of Arts, Philosophy/Medieval and Renaissance Studies

2013 – 2015
An interdisciplinary programme of study administered by the Centre for Medieval Studies.
Keywords: Medieval myth, Medieval music, Medieval art, Medieval languages and literature, Medieval history, Medieval religious studies, Medieval Icelandic literature; Medieval Christianity, Medieval Latin, Byzantine studies, Old Norse-Icelandic, Old French, Old Irish, Middle Welsh, Old & Middle English.


University of Sydney
Bachelor of Arts Advanced (Hons.), Philosophy

Second Class, First Division

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