Experts call on Fed Govt for vaccine roll-out plan
(Interview) ABC News Noon
18 Sep 2020

It is unlikely that all Australians would be able to be vaccinated at once, since there would not be enough vaccines produced at the beginning. Choices will have to be made.

Persuasion better than compulsion in vaccinating the nation
Financial Reviews, 20 Aug 2020

Australians readily accept vaccinations. But making the COVID-19 inoculation mandatory risks turning it into a front in the culture wars.

The ethical complexities of rationing healthcare
ABC Radio, 12 Aug 2020

The Abbasi case involved a 6-year-old girl whose prospects of survival were not great. But how many health resources should doctors dedicate to giving her every chance of survival?

Pandemic ethics, herd immunity and the protection of vulnerable members of the community
ABC Religion and Ethics, 8 May 2020

There is often a sinister subtext to the rhetoric of policy proposals that focus purely on economic productivity and that give insufficient importance to the lives of vulnerable persons.

Rationing care to cope with COVID-19 should never be based on age alone
Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Mar 2020

The pandemic raises difficult ethical questions about the rationing of resources such as ICU beds and ventilators, the latter being vital for coronavirus patients.

The delicate balance of enforcing coronavirus quarantine laws
Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Mar 2020.

The temptation during a public health crisis is to authorise emergency measures first and to consider ethics later. Public gatherings such as sporting, musical or religious events could be banned.

Assisted dying bill leaves sick and elderly open to coercion 
Sydney Morning Herald, 9 Dec 2019

Recent WA bill exposes patients to undue influence from doctors. In addition, Indigenous groups, culturally and linguistically diverse populations and patients with disabilities may misinterpret a doctor’s words.

Human enhancement: The promise and perils of gene-editing technology 
ABC Religion and Ethics, 29 Oct 2019.

Amid the zealous enthusiasm about gene-editing technology, we should be mindful that genes are more than mere biological material, and enhancement is much more than therapy.

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